Essentials to Backing Up Data


Any computer user would have the idea regarding the importance of backing up data. Whether you do it manually or using a software, important files should have a copy somewhere just in case something catastrophic happens to your computer like a malware attack or physical damage and other scenarios in between. Now that we see the general idea why a computer user should back up his data, let’s answer the questions regarding how and when to back up your data.

Manual and Software Data Back Up

Manually backing up data is by using a preferred media of choice and manually copying and pasting your files to the storage device. The most commonly used physical data storage would be flash drives and external drives. While flash drives offer the fastest transfer speeds, it tends to be in smaller capacities. Hence, a flash drive would be ideal in storing important documents. External drives are larger in capacity but slower in transfer speeds. These are ideal for storing videos, audio files, huge work files and others. There are also cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox where you can also store and back up your files through the internet.

Using a software like Acronis or Window’s own back up application works in a different manner wherein it can include backing up your entire computer’s operating system and applications which is not available with manual back up methodologies. With a software, you can also schedule when your computer creates a back up so it can do it on its own. However, you might still need a physical data storage or cloud storage solution to store the back up data using the software.

Recovery and Restoration

To some extent, back ups are very handy when it comes to troubleshooting a computer particularly if it got infected with a virus or malware or some driver installation messed up your computer. You can simply restore a recovery point or back up using back up applications. However, do note that this will not work without having an existing back up of your computer which emphasizes that storing a back up whether in a physical data storage or cloud storage or both is very important and should be done regularly, as often as needed.

Now that you know the important and basics in backing up data, start backing up data today! Start with the most important files you have in your computer, be it your work files or your photos and videos captures on memorable events in life. If you need assistance in making a back up, avail our Back Up or Transfer Files service and we will ensure your precious data is backed up securely in a jiffy!



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