HDDs and SSDs: Which Is Better?

Did you know that one of the most deciding component in a computer is the storage drive? Whether it’s a Mac or Windows-based computer or notebook, the storage drive can either speed up or slow down the entire computer’s performance and even significantly affect battery life for mobile computers. So if you are planning to buy a new computer or upgrading your current computer, know the difference between the two commonly used storage drives today for you to know what’s better for your needs.

Performance and Speed

Computers using a solid-state drive or SSD tends to be 10 times faster than those using hard disk drives in terms of booting up times, loading of applications, shut down times and so on. Computers with SSDs will run faster than its counterpart with a hard disk drive.

Capacity and Pricing

SSDs are significantly more expensive than the mechanical HDDs when you consider the same capacity. While a 1 terabyte HDD costs around $50, a 1 terabyte SSD counterpart would be around $300. So you can get a larger storage drive with HDDs at a lower cost.

Durability and Longevity

Solid-state drives doesn’t have any mechanical component unlike hard drives that spin at a rate of 5400, 7200 or even 10,000 rotates per minute. HDDs can easily be damages with shocks and vibrations particularly when running. On the other hand, SSDs use flash chips that can easily survive 3 to 5 years of daily and regular use.

Power Consumption and Battery Life

Given that HDDs have a motor that spins very fast, it also consumes more power compared to SSDs. Notebooks with SSDs tend to last 2 to 3 times longer compared to its counterpart with an HDD storage drive.

In most cases, choosing between an HDD and SSD depends on your budget and need. You can also find hybrid drives that are part SSD and HDD but are even more expensive. So if you are looking into getting a new computer, look at the specifications meticulously and more than just the processor and memory. The storage drive is equally important and a major determinant of performance. Now that you see the pros and cons of each, choose wisely, hence you can always call us for professional assistance on any computer upgrade or brand new build.



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