Home Theater Speaker Systems: What Should I Get?

Need help in getting the right speakers for your home theater? There are several things that homeowners need to keep in mind when it comes to speaker systems. While there are plenty of options out there, going over the basics in setting it up correctly is crucial. After this, you can have a good idea what type of speakers you need and how to place them properly in your room.


Room and Speaker System Matching

With today’s technologies, speakers have become compact yet powerful. The sound system isn’t the center of the attention when watching movies so selecting compact speakers that you can hide behind shelves or other appliances is a good idea. There are plenty of speaker types available today that leave a small footprint such as ceiling and in-wall speakers.


The Theater Experience

While opting for small and compact speakers, it’s still the large speakers that give that powerful sound effects when watching movies or playing games. With this, floor-standing or tower speakers is a great choice. Along with it is a powerful center channel speaker and satellite speakers which depends on the kind of sound system you want to achieve whether its 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Select a right-sized subwoofer that will pack a punch without popping your windows.


Proper Placement

In setting up a proper surround sound system, proper placement must be observed. Center channel speaker must be powerful as it delivers half of a movie’s soundtrack along with the majority of the dialogue. The front stage speakers, which comprises the right and left channels, are responsible for sound effects and certain dialogues in movies like whispers, murmurs and others. Floor-standing speakers, on-wall speakers and bookshelf speakers are the ideal choice for front stage speakers. To setup surround sound, place the speakers behind the sofa and other directions that will make it sound like you are in within the scene of the movie.

If setting up your home theater speaker system is too much for you to handle, call us and we will set it up in a jiffy!




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