Internet Security: Is Having More Better?

Worried about your computer’s internet security? Is having two or more antivirus applications better than just having one? Are there benefits of having more than one antivirus software or is it bad for my computer? These are common concerns and questions to any novice computer user. If you are planning to ‘overprotect’ your computer by installing multiple antivirus and antimalware programs, think again.

Running two antivirus programs in one computer in general is a bad idea. Having two antivirus programs active doesn’t work like having two walls of protection for your computer even if it’s from the same publisher. Let’s us explain why you should never install two antiviruses or more.

Friendly Fire

If you got two antivirus applications installed in your computer, both will simply kill each other. The other will appear like a virus in your computer, so is the other one. Both antivirus applications will try to block each other out and tell you to remove it.

Feeding Frenzy

Normally, when an antivirus sees a threat, it simply quarantines it or have it removed. If you have two antivirus running, both will try to quarantine the file and compete with each other like two dogs fighting over one chew toy. You’d probably receive a barrage of notifications as the antiviruses fight over one suspicious file.

Power Eater

Having one antivirus running in the background can already make a computer laggish at times particularly when it is updating or scanning for viruses, let alone having two running in the background. For mobile devices like laptops, this will significantly reduce the battery life of your computer.

When it comes to internet security, having one that’s always updated is the best course of action. Grab one from known publishers as well. Check out reviews and feedback online to find out what’s best. If you do now know what you are doing, call the experts! Call us and we’ll make sure your computer is running efficient and secured!



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