Top Sources of Computer Viruses and Malwares

Viruses and malwares are some of the most destructive software you can have on your computer. Damages can range from reducing your computer’s processing capabilities to stealing information and destroying all your computer’s data. Users try to block and avoid these malicious applications as much as possible using antiviruses and anti-malwares. However, ‘prevention is better than cure’ is what the world famous proverb says and when it comes to computers, knowing the top sources viruses and malwares and to avoid going there would be the best preventive action. So let’s identify these sources of viruses and malwares below.

Downloadable Applications

You can stumble on random links that opens or downloads an executable file with an extension of ‘.exe’ or ‘.com’. If you are not trying to download anything or downloaded a program without your permission, the likelihood of that being a virus or malware is high. If you did get one in your computer, delete it immediately and never open it.

Email Attachments

Another common source of viruses and malwares are email attachments which can appear to be any normal file. If you received an email from an anonymous user with an attachment, best to delete it from your inbox immediately. While some email providers have its own antivirus and antimalware, it not 100% accurate in detecting malicious applications particularly if it is new.

Pirated Software

Using pirated or cracked software isn’t just illegal, it is also very dangerous. Hackers might not just editing the program’s codes for you to run it freely, some hackers also embed viruses or malwares that could steal information from your computer.

Unsafe Websites

There are a lot of viruses and malwares in the internet particularly in unsafe and unsecured websites. While browsers have its own validation and firewalls that will automatically notify you if the website is unsafe, some can still go undetected and be downloaded into your computer as you load the website.

Now that you know where viruses and malwares usually come from, avoid them at all cost. If you find your computer infected, have your antivirus or antimalware remove it immediately and best to disconnect your computer from your local network to avoid spreading it.



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