When Should I Upgrade My Computer?

Technology advances in computers are coming in quite fast wherein there’s always something new every year. Aside from that, normal wear and tear will ultimately break your computer after a significant period of usage. If you have a computer at home or in your office and wondering when is the right time to upgrade your computer and ditch your current one, this article will help you determine that. There are a two major points you should evaluate to determine if your computer is obsolete or not worth maintaining anymore. Let’s discuss them below.

End of Support

Both hardware manufacturers and software publishers offer support for their products in the form of updates. When a new technology arrives, they naturally move on and focus on the newer products but not necessarily end support for the older generation products. However, in due time they will eventually end support with the older tech which could pose issues of vulnerability and stability for those that continue in using these old-generation hardware and software.

For example, Microsoft ended its mainstream support for Windows 7 operating system since January of 2015. While you can still continue using a Windows 7-based computer, the likelihood of running into bugs and problems would be greater compared to the time Microsoft is actively offering support for the operating system. Same goes with hardware. Sooner or later, you’d run into compatibility issues as newer standards are put into place using newer and better technologies like how Mac computers today use Lightning connector which offers faster data transfer compared to USB ports which isn’t available before.

Cost Outweighs Benefit

The operating cost of a computer could eventually outweigh benefits after several generations. For example, computers today are significantly power efficient compared to a computer built five years ago. Aside from energy consumption, maintaining old computers can be very costly particularly when older generation hardware are already phased out from stores. It would then be best to get a new computer that’s faster and more energy efficient.

This scenario is mostly true when it comes to repairing old computers be it a Windows PC or a Mac computer. Replacing a broken component might be too costly than buying a new computer that will offer better experience than your current one. Plus there are no guarantees a repaired computer can still go the extra mile so you might as well grab a new one.

If you need an upgrade or just tired of using your old and slow computer, call us and we’ll help you get the right computer for your need!



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