Wired and Wireless Internet Connection

Ever wonder what’s the difference between wireless and wire internet connections? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection? We will answer concerns and common questions about wireless and wired internet connections here.

There are a lot of differences between a typical Wi-Fi connection and an Ethernet connection which are the two most commonly used networking solutions in a household today. Whether you only use one or using a combination of the two, it would be important to know when one is better than the other which depends on applications. Let’s talk about some key factors below regarding network connections in general.

Latency and Transfer Speed

Wi-Fi networks, even with the latest technologies today, only offer around 800Mb/s transfer rates more or less. While a wired Ethernet connection, it is now common to get speeds of 1 Gb/s, higher-end routers would even offer 10 Gb/s transfer rates. When it comes to latency, Ethernet solutions also offer the lowest which is better.

What does this mean? So if you are streaming or gaming on a PC, having an Ethernet connection should give you a smoother and lag-free experience. Also goes with data storage solutions, having your computer wired to it will give you faster data transfer rates. Also, obstacles like walls, objects and even yourself weaken the performance of a typical Wi-Fi connection.


As for range, Wi-Fi networks obviously wins this round. You won’t see any coffee shop with a bundle of Ethernet cables lying around to connect your notebook to their internet. Wi-Fi network solutions offer the most cost-effective internet connection across all platforms which includes desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, phones and other devices.

Tips in Setting up Network Connections

If you are planning to setup network connections at home, the best option today would be to have both available which is very common nowadays. Routers and even modems today do offer both, specifications might be different though like some Wi-Fi routers offer multiple-bands.

Also, you also need to check the specifications of your devices and what wireless bandwidth it supports. There’s no point buying a high-end quad-band router costing around $400 if your mobile devices doesn’t even need such high-end wireless connectivity.

If you are confused on how to setup a wired or wireless network, call us and let our team of experts determine what you need and have it up and running in no time! We’ll setup, connect and secure your network connection so you can enjoy the internet and hassle-free networking be it wired or wireless.



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